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It’s a small breakfast, croissant and coffee on the terrace!   Because we like that, us French people. All  we need to enjoy life comes down to gastronomy and conviviality.

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From the bakery to the VTC

Mélanie and Romain are  bakers  by trade. For more than  XX years,they  have been getting up at dawn to bake, knead and  shape    delicious  produce. Cannelés, traditional baguettes and of course, chocolatines: their  boulangerie-pâtisserie  Yaroma  continues  to delight the people of  Bordeaux. “Eating  well is a simple pleasure. Beyond the flavors and tastes that delight our taste buds,  cooking  is above all an opportunity to share moments together.” Being  together, meeting up, partying and laughing,  that’s  also the French spirit! And after having set out to satisfy the most  refined palates and satisfy the hungriest stomachs, the Gironde couple  is now determined to help you  travel

Visit the vineyards or go to the beach

In Gironde, the landscapes are picturesque. In less than an hour, you can swap the piercing blue of the Silver Coast for the warmth of the limestone of downtown Bordeaux. The vineyards also offer the region a completely different look. Multiple facets that Mélanie and Romain have never stopped exploring as a family. “Having always lived here, you might think that it’s hard to continue being amazed by what you see… However, every weekend we find ourselves amazed » The most beautiful beaches, restaurants, hiking trails leading to magnificent horizons or visits and tastings in small wine estates in Gironde that combine charm, hospitality and quality (according to your liking). Mélanie and Romain have more than one activity to recommend to you. With L’Art de Vivre du VTC, no stress in regards to getting there!

A VTC driver for your holidays

On holidays or weekends, the question of transportation can be tricky. Renting a vehicle? Yes, but where to park it?   Do everything by foot? Okay, but  that restricts the scope of discovery. So many constraints… To transport you safely, Mélanie and Romain have created l’Art de Vivre du VTC. Aboard their  high-end vehicle, visit the region in peace. Follow your schedule to the letter by providing the driver (Mélanie or Romain)  with your  roadmap or trust them to offer you authentic outings!  

What if you tried the VTC on a daily basis?

Current environmental concerns tend to promote eco-mobility  (bicycles, scooters, electric buses, etc.). Perhaps this is why you don’t own a personal vehicle. Or for other reasons, it doesn’t matter! In any case, we would like to congratulate you for the tons of CO2 that you are saving, which helps preserve the planet. If on a daily basis, you manage to combine cycling, walking and public transports for all your trips, it is possible that you may need a car for appointments. A birthday or family party, away from home, where you may be drinking alcohol? A business meeting? Mélanie and Romain are at your disposal to ensure your daily travels.

Romain Lucas

Favorite corner: Saint-Émilion and its steep architecture

His Essential item before driving : a phone charger plugged into the cigarette lighter

Special skill: unbeatable on the Abbey of La Sauve-Majeure

Your drivers

Mélanie Sancerni

Favorite corner: the Entre-deux-Mers and its glowing vineyards

Her essential item before driving: the daily newspaper slipped into the car door

Special skill: agility of a cat to sneak through the alleys of downtown Bordeaux

Vos chauffeurs

Romain Lucas

Coin préféré : Saint-Émilion et son architecture escarpée

Son indispensable avant de démarrer : un chargeur de téléphone branché sur l’allume-cigare

Compétence spéciale : agilité d’un chat pour se faufiler au travers des ruelles du centre-ville de Bordeaux

Mélanie Sancerni

Coin préféré : l’Entre-deux-Mers et ses vignobles rougeoyants

Son indispensable avant de démarrer : le journal du jour glissé dans la portière

Compétence spéciale : incollable sur l’abbaye de la Sauve-Majeure

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